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Exercise IS medicine

Many people have heard this statement, “exercise is medicine”, Yet they translated to themselves as “exercises like medicine “, or “exercise is similar to medicine”.

None of these statements are true, because they fail to describe how exercise really affects the body. Study after study has shown that exercise has the same effect physiologically as, a diabetes medication, Or anti-depressants.

As part of my exercise science masters degree, we studied extensively the effects that exercise has on the body, on blood pressure, cardiovascularly and pulmonary systems. While all the results show that exercise has a positive affect on the body, but similar to other medications it does react with medication’s, if you’re taking any. For example, if you’re taking diabetes medication, exercise can make your blood sugar drop dangerously low. Or blood pressure medicine medication, exercise can drop your blood pressure to the point of fainting.

My personal recommendation is to exercise before starting any medication. Once you have started medication and you add exercise to the mix, you have to consider the cross reactions!

It is my conviction that not only is “exercise medicine”, but it is the BEST medicine!

Happy exercising!