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Back Street Fighting

When you think of Back Street fighting, what movie moments come to your mind? Is it the Gladiator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? the brawl in Bourne Ultimatum, Is it Rocky? or the most famous back street fight ever…West Side Story? Back Street fighting is different from Boxing Ring fighting in several ways. First, of course there is no award at the end, you don’t stay for the prize, you get the heck out of there. Second, there is no judge, the opponent is down or he isn’t. Finally, You don’t have to fight fair, you can fight with all you’ve got available to you!

Whichever movie that comes to your mind, the all have a couple of things in common. First – the fights are done with hands, feet and the upper-body. If your opponent is down, do just ONE thing…. RUN!!! RUN for your life and don’t look back.

What are your opponents weakest points? The two main vulnerable points on the body are the neck and the liver/kidney area. Aim for those! When the neck gets hit, it also affects the brain and clarity of thinking. The liver area is painful when hit and can weaken your opponent faster than other areas of the body.

A simulated back street fight can become a fun and vigorous workout with your adrenalin rushing despite lack of bloody danger and injury! Check out this and more fun videos at www.

See you around the next corner!