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Battle Ropes

Training with battle ropes is a fairly new concept. It was developed in 2006 by John Brookfield, a multiple World Record holder in various strength and endurance activities. He used them to help pro-athletes – NFL players, who struggled to keep a constant pace, to develop both sides of the body.

These same challenges can be found in people with a Parkinsons diagnosis so Battle rope training can be very beneficial.

1. The most important and obvious benefit is that you have to use your full body and core. What could be better than that?!

2. It is super-safe. Considered a low-impact exercise and great for joint issues, it lessens the risk of injury during other exercises as well.

3. It is a great Cardio workout! Just 3 minutes elevates your heart rate and strengthens your heart!

4. It builds muscle and tones muscles.

5. It improves balance by forcing both sides of the body to work equally and stay in tune with each other.

6. Improves mobility and stability by increasing range of movement in your joints.

7. You are unlikely to get injured. Free weights or body weight exercises only utilize one force, which is gravity. Here you have two forces: gravity plus the weight of the rope and the force of the wave created by you.

8. Improve your mental health and toughness.

Working out with battle ropes is a great and fast workout, With lots of benefits. Challenge you’re weak areas with a battle rope.

Battle ropes come in different weights, lengths, and circumferences. You can start out with a 30 foot, 15 pound half inch handle. If you don’t have 30 feet you can wrap the rope around something to a shorter length. It is portable, adaptable, and a fun workout!