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Choking Point

Choking point, we all have something called a choking point. It can be physical and it can also be psychological. If you live long enough with constant conflict in your mind, and you arguing with yourself, it simply wears you out.

So, if you received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis you have reached your choking point.

This means, that your brain can no longer support the role that you have been playing. Now you have a choice. You can pursue peace and health, or misery and destruction.

In order to choose peace and health, I would like to offer three suggestions.

1. Take accountability for your life. Find out where the leak is, or perhaps several leaks. Find out how you have worn yourself out so that your body no longer recycles dopamine cells.

2. Don’t let your body dictate what you do. Your mind controls your body. Your doctors prescription may just give you the breathing room that you need, in order to find the path to your cure. Just Don’t deceive yourself that if you don’t see the symptoms, that you’re cured. It’s just “breathing room”.

3. Make the correction. Get rid of what slows you down. Choose a path that seems right for you, but whatever you choose, it has to come up to the level of your “choking point”.