Core Strength

Core strength has become a buzzword in the last decade or so, yes surprisingly many people don’t know what this term refers to.

Your core is the area around your trunk and pelvis comprised of three layers of abdominal muscles. It connects the upper and lower parts of your body, and enables your limbs to work together. Every movement you make requires support from this area.

A strong core gives you stability, helps you to balance, gives you resistance to injury, and stamina overtime and pressure. A strong core could mean the difference between walking and being reduced to a wheelchair. Your core affects all your movements.

You can also think of your core as a wide belt around your waist, or a girdle. In order to engage your core you need to pull the belt tighter. Unlike what you may think, the tighter you pull your core, the better and freer your limbs can move. It’s a paradox, but the more you trust it, the more you increase strength and endurance.

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