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Everything Starts With Your Feet

I have for a long time been a proponent of working from the feet up when it comes to sports conditioning, such as in my specialties golfing, skiing, and skating. It is just starting to become in vogue. Yes, feet are not a fancy thing to work, but in my opinion it is the most necessary thing.

The human foot and ankle has 26 bones 33 joins 107 ligaments and 19 muscles.

The soles of the feet have more sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other by the body. What this means is, that your feet are the largest communicators to your brain, as to where you are in space. Therefore, The most important, and yet so often missed part of fitness, and recreational sports training,is that you must get strong from the ground up.

I find interesting, that Americans have for years tried to cover up their feet with shoes, heavy inflexible shoes, while in other parts of the world people are walking, and running barefoot and don’t  have as many bone, joint, and ligament problems as Americans. Could this be due to a profit driven shoe industry idea?

I often run into people, who cannot bend their toes, and  find it very painful. Yet, toes MUST BEND  in order to walk properly, and not shuffle your feet. Start bending your toes, flexing your feet, and my guess is your toes won’t break… but be healthier instead.

Joseph Pilates thought the feet to be so important he invented several foot  training apparatus just for this purpose.

My training therefore begins with a conscious awareness of your feet, especially arches which are connected to the core of your body. If this  bores you, then I will assume that being pain-free bores you as well.

However, if interested in improved balance, strength and endurance – the feet need to be at the base of your training.