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Excuses- the ONE thing that determines your success!!!

The extent of your success is directly related to The extent of your excuses!!! We all have excuses for things that we see as difficult in our lives. The question is: what do you follow? Your excuses or your fire?

When diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, do you start building excuses for not being able to do things, or do you start building a fire? A fire That burns away things that are no longer needed, things that hold you back, and ultimately things that accumulated into your diagnosis.

It’s all up to you!

Perhaps your family or your loved one, is bringing up solutions for you – such as exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation, meditation and massage. That is them building a fire, now it’s up to you to gather the sticks to keep it going. Are you keeping it going?

It’s all up to you!

I Encourage you to keep building the fire, keep it going, and you will burn away all your excuses, and when the fire has purified your soul you will find a freer, healthier life ahead. One you could not have imagined!