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Facial expressions

Our facial expressions are an important part of who we are. Our face conveys emotion and helps us connect with one another. According to the FBI there are several Universal facial expressions that provide insight to a persons emotional state. They are: 1-anger,2-happiness,3-contempt,4-discussed, 5-fear,6-surprise,7-Sadness.

Our Facial expressions uses mostly our eyebrows, lips, and eyes.

Lack of facial expressions, known as masking, or a flat effect, is not a disorder in itself, but a result of other conditions. It’s accompanied with a monotone speaking voice, avoidance of eye contact and blank emotionless face. The most common contributor to this condition are meds.

To reduce this effect and increase your connection with others you can start by visualizing an expression.There are also many facial expression exercises you can try from the Internet.

Some benefits of facial expression exercises: activating facial muscles improves skin and facial blood circulation. It positively affects our mental well-being and health. It strengthens our tongue for speech, it even improves our posture, decreases stress and tight muscles and improves our sleep.

And lastly the joy of connecting with other human beings on a deeper level is priceless.