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Fighting back against parkinson’s disease or anything in life is not always easy. We can however, get some good ideas, from real life battles!


When met with aggression from an opponent, the first thing you need to do is to get your weapons ready. How you respond to aggression determines your progression.

The primary weapons of our warfare against Parkinson’s disease are:

1.movement and exercise,

2. nutrition and environment,

3. mental health – positive thoughts and words.

Know your weapons- how big they must be, and how many you need!

I’m sure you have heard it said, that all Parkinson’s symptoms are different- that means your weapons must be also. Some may need more movement, more strenuous exercise. Some may need to focus more on nutrition, gut health, antioxidants, and supplements. Yet others may need to change the language that you talk to yourself with, maybe more calming meditation time. So use the right weapon for your individual warfare.

How do you know if you’re using the right weapons?

Are your symptoms of Parkinson’s increasing? If they are, you’re not doing enough- you either need more “weapons” and or bigger ones! I.e you may need more movement, exercise, better nutrition, and more calming of the nervous system. Keep experimenting until you find the right balance.

Besides weapons you also need a fighting strategy. What is the most effective fighting strategy in the military? It is called the strategy of “ENVELOPING”! It consists of isolating the enemy, cutting off it’s supply and starving it to death. What does it mean to Parkinson’s? Well, since the number one killer of dopamine is oxidative stress, you need massive amounts of ANTIOXIDANTS to reduce oxidative stress. If your Parkinson’s disease is advancing, you have not cut off the supply of oxidative stress enough.

Oxidative stress is reduced by the weapons of exercise, antioxidant foods and supplements, and calming thoughts.

The second most effective strategy for winning military battle is UNITED EFFORT! Get your wife/husband, family and friends together to help fight against this disease. Everybody needs to be helping who is around you.

Wives, don’t let your husbands eat a diet full of processed, sugary high fat foods. And husbands, learn to cook or find a healthy deli. Eat a healthy diet, stop using carcinogenic detergents, cleaners and especially dryer sheets! Help each other find time to exercise, put on positive YouTube Ted talks etc.

Maneuver quickly! Don’t waste any time wallowing in self-pity or depression. Sit down and write out a battle plan. You have to be a bit militant, and disciplined about the fight, but it’s worth it.

Lastly you have to be repetitious… Like a battle ax- Waccaway over and over again until you gain some ground and victory over your enemy!