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Get the Most out of Exercise Videos for Parkinson’s

There are many exercise videos for people with Parkinson’s. Some are better than others, some longer, some shorter, but I think

we can all agree on the fact that they are all quite different. Much of this difference depends on the teachers ability, background,

education and creativity. I am no different. In this article I want to bring out some pointers on how you can get the most of the

exercise videos that I produce and a bit of “why I do what I do”.

First, My Intro: My intro is short and to the point. I personally hate watching long and often redundant introductions. I have

very little time, and by the time I have carved out time to watch an exercise video, I like to get going! I don’t like to waste it on small talk intros.

Second, My Title: The title of my video should say it all – also to the point. I see many interesting sounding titles to lure people into watching their

videos, and the content doesn’t represent what the title promised at all. Disappointed. There are many companies out there that suggest key words to

use in a title that are frequently searched, so that your video comes up in the algorithm. That is all well and good, use the titles, but make the content

reflect that.

Third: The exercises that I perform and ask you to follow are specifically curated from some of the top teachers in the word. I modify them for you

but make no mistake, the exercises are meaningful, and ordered very carefully so you get the most out of them. My videos are not fluff, and no meaningless movements to fill the space.

Four: The use of props: Some videos have carefully selected props – they are simple, inexpensive and easy to obtain. My props are a small ball,

a Pool noodle (cut in half) and a PVC pipe (also cut in half). If you don’t have the props, watch another video! I am not going to tell you to follow along with the video even if you don’t have these props. They have a purpose in this particular video. Period.

Five: My videos are recorded so you can watch them several times if one time seems to short, just start over. Use the SHORT intro time to get some water!

Six: I believe beautiful places motivate and lift our mood. Therefore I record my videos either in beautiful outdoor places or nice indoor surroundings. I hope that brings you enjoyment and also rejuvenates you even after you have exercised with me in the video.

and Lastly I will NEVER talk down to you! I fully recognize that you are intelligent adults who need a little help to move! You are not

5 year old children. I hope to ALWAYS speak to you RESPECTFULLY and COURTEOUSLY.

Together we can fight Parkinson’s better and more effectively. That is my heart behind doing this work. And so – Now you know!!