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Grief Relief –

The moment you hear the words: “You have Parkinson’s” – something happens! It may come as a chock, you may feel like it’s a death sentence, a loss of a planned and potential future and more. Either way, you begin a grief experience- first in disbelief, then anger, denial and eventually acceptance. These are normal processes. Here is where you get to decide how you approach your grief. You get to decide what purpose you give it. For example, you can decide to love and help your children, or grandchildren even more, or just to keep your life afloat.

Sometimes we just want to shut down our lives, and a certain element of that is ok. After a certain time,however you have to decide How you want to approach this experience, and what role movement has in that process. You can view movement as a gift, or a tool, or the last thing you want to do!

Either way, You need to prepare your body for what life may bring, hardships that may be coming, what you may see coming. You want your body to be able to handle the stress, and the onslaught of grief that comes upon you.

You could develop an unexplainable back ache, hip ache, muscular tightness or something else.

Movement is a fantastic gift and a tool to prepare you for all the other things in life – way beyond vanity concerns.

Many studies have been done on what role movement plays in grief. One role of movement is a means of distraction. Another one, that I prefer is an inward focus of what you’re feeling inside.

Move, walk, stretching, hike and in nature. Dance, take Pilates, Yoga and Boxing! All these are great ways to pause, to rest and restore and revitalize.

Part of grief is a lot of reshuffling in your life so the space movement gives you, the breath and oxygen into your muscles to energize you.

Movement can be a part of the acceptance process – it help you to identify and recollect. Bring up Happy memories, to focus on them and enjoy them. It can help you identify emotions that are coming up such as being anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, unsettled.

There is a lot of research on the effects of movement on anxiety and depression, the release of Endorphins and Serotonin. Grief can be both! Your body is designed to release these great feelings and oxygen we experience. This happens naturally when we move.

So- Choose movement somewhere in your life. Movement is a gift, a beautiful tool to be a part of your grieving process with hope and joy! Let your movement reflect your healing process!