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Here’s why Rock Steady Encinitas is worth the hype!

Rocksteady Boxing is a specific boxing based exercise class that helps alleviate and illuminate Parkinson’s induced symptoms. These include stiffness, slowness, loss of balance and energy. The classes offer a variety of high and low intensity, cardio, strength, stretching and boxing workouts. Each class is $20 donation, and it’s paid in groups of 10 or 20 classes.

What keeps people coming back is the overall experience, and endless variety and constant encouragement for the entire 1 hour and 15 minute class.

A noteworthy feature is the entertainment component!!! Unlike traditional exercise and boxing classes, which usually involve a trainer going through a repeated, lifeless routine, many of these classes are themed. Some are synced with movies, countries, holidays, Famous fighters, and eras. There’s always a new cardio routine, boxing routine, strength and stretching stations, along with expert guest teachers!

Its hard not to get excited, over new and ingenious exercise gadgets and games! The variety and ingenuity is endless!!!

The entire class is full of movement, so the time flies by quickly and leaves you feeling strong and accomplished. Some have commonly recorded between 700 to 800 cal burned during the classes.

There are no long winded explanations between exercises- just short and to the point!

The live classes are pay- as-you go, so you don’t have to pay for what you can’t attend. Great, if you are still working or traveling often. Saturdays are a repeat of the weeks class- highlights on a live Zoom class.

People keep coming back because they never know what to expect, and are always pleasantly surprised by the end of the workout.