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Home gym

Working out at home may be challenging and what equipment to purchase can be confusing and overwhelming. You want things that are effective and that you can use in a lot of ways. After many years of in-home training, this is what I have settled on: Mat- start with a good quality mat, in a color and design that makes you happy. I like blue- half inch thick for Pilates and weight training, 6mm for Yoga.

Tubing- comes in a variety of strengths- every manufacturer has its own colors for their tension. I have finally managed to unravel the mystery, of what tension to get, but it took a while. The main thing is to get a long band. Mine is 5 ft long. You can always choke up on it to make it shorter/ increase tension, but you can’t make it longer.

A flat rubber band for stretching and to work smaller muscles, like rotator cuff- again get a long band like 7-8 feet in length. There are many more things you can do with it then!

The Lebert parallel bars can literally transform your house to a world class gym! Endless variety of exercises you can do that will challenge any athlete yet provide assistance to the wheelchair bound! Invaluable!

Last but not least- Balls! I like a standard stability ball for just that- working on stability, it has to be the right size for your height. Mine is 55cm – I am 5’3”. The Bosu half dome is also good and has only one size. Smaller balls like beach- and tennis balls are not essential but can add some fun to your workouts! I also use towels and pillows for added variety!