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How to choose Boxing gloves

Buying Boxing gloves may seem like a daunting task after signing up for Rock Steady Boxing. Having never boxed before, what should you look for? Here is some help to navigate this uncharted territory:

In the beginning of Boxing Glove Manufacturing, the gloves where filled with horsehair, by hand. To ensure that each glove provided the same amount of padding, they weighed the gloves. To make a better custom fit, the fighters would use tape and gauze to wrap their hands. Nowadays the gloves are filled with foam, but the sizing scale still remains. In competition, the gloves have to have a certain weight, but for training it is not essential. Let’s face it, by the time we come to Rock Steady, our bones and ligaments have seen about 50-60 years, so the most important thing to consider is good padding for your hands. When it comes to boxing gloves, they don’t come in sizes such as SM, M, L, but rather in OZ. The more OZ the more padding and also the larger the hand compartment tends to be. The least amount of padding is about 8-10 Oz and is mostly for children and competition, so your arms don’t get tired too fast.

While different manufacturers have different sizing standards, here are some general suggestions. 12-14 Oz is for general sparring, shadowboxing and light bag work about 1/week or so. (Generally, the hand circumference is 7-8.5 in.) 16-18 Oz is my preferred weight for boxing classes 2-3 times per week. (Hand circumference about 8.5-10 in. ) These help to strengthen your arms, and have enough padding to protect your knuckles and hands.

(Hand circumference is measured below the knuckles, thumb to pinkyfinger)

The best way to buy gloves in my opinion is from a reputable company. I like Titleist and Century – they have so generously offered me a discount to pass on to you. If you don’t like them, you can send them back.

It is not a good idea to buy the cheapest gloves, like I said, your bones have been around a few years so invest in good quality padding.

The second thing to consider is leather or synthetic material. Leather lasts longer, while synthetic material can split or break relatively soon, and is very heat/cold sensitive, so don’t leave them in your car or sun. I prefer real leather, as I personally prefer organic materials in everything.

The third and final thing to consider is color. With everything equal, you need to like the color of glove you choose – it should inspire you and make you feel strong. It should make you feel like a conqueror and fire you up!

For me, it is RED! My first pair was a set of RED gloves. They weren’t’ very padded however so I soon looked for more padded gloves. I choose WHITE. I love WHITE. That may be a soothing color for some, but for me it is everything – Motivating, strong, powerful and fast! The White gloves were very padded and comfortable but not heavy enough. I wanted to challenge my strength, so I got some heavier 14Oz. gloves in my next favorite color, BLUE! I love blue- again, calming for some, but when I see my blue gloves hit the red or black bag, there is FIRE in me, I get the EYE OF THE TIGER feel and I punch harder and more energetically than ever. My arms get tired, forehead soaked with sweat, but I GET STRONGER!!!! My last pair is a set of 16 Oz JET BLACK gloves. Now, I am a very calm, carefree, gentle and peaceful person, but these gloves, just make me feel MEAN, the FIGHT BACK spirit just unleashes in me, and I fight back harder and stronger than anything. I forget my weaknesses, fatigue and anything else that ails me! I just get in the groove to FIGHT! And THAT is how to buy gloves!!!!