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Importance of Environment

And often overlooked and often under emphasized area of fighting against Parkinson’s disease is the importance of environment!

I grew up in Sweden and Germany where a healthy environment was considered a necessity! We spent much time in the fresh air, for both physical health and mental peace.

People who had COPD, were encouraged to move to a warmer, drier climate. People with asthma were written a prescription to spend time in local salt Caves in order to breathe the salty air, (halotherapy). Saunas and cold plunges were prescribed for many ailments such as blood pressure, heart health, arthritis and depression. All these have to do with environments.

Many people here in the US live in homes that have toxic environments. They have a negative health impacts on humans and animals. The most common culprits that I have found are toxic candles and air fresheners, Toxic cleaning detergents, soaps, dryer sheets, shampoos toothpaste and mouthwash.

I was going to rate them from worst to least, but it’s hard to do, as they all bypass the digestive system which helps somewhat clean out toxins. Through the pores they enter directly into the bloodstream- blood which circulates around your brain and all your organs….

However, if I had to, I think dryer sheets are the most carcinogenic, as they remain in the pores of your clothes, which then enter your pores at a constant bombardment. The second worst in my opinion is toxic mouthwash. These toxic particles enter directly into the mucous membrane of your mouth and immediately enter your bloodstream. On the contrary, If using an organic mouthwash, you can have many health benefits for your whole body.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to throw away toxic items in your home, replace them with all natural/organic products. You will be much better off!!! A Healthy environment DOES reduce risk of disease, and promotes a healthy and quality life for all.