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Jump your way to fitness

One of the fastest ways to get into a better shape is to jump. The “jumping” muscles are Also called “fast twitch” muscles and without them quick movements are not available to you. This is because there is a certain part of the brain that activates these and if not used, they go “to sleep”. Activating the “fast twitch” muscles make even the “slow twitch muscles” behave better and with more accuracy and speed.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of jumping, or explosive movements.

  1. It stimulates your metabolism
  2. It improves your bone density
  3. Improves your balance
  4. increases oxygen circulation in your muscles
  5. Strengthens your heart
  6. Improves lymph drainage by stimulating the lymph glands

Before we start to jump, we should begin the pre-tension, recoil movement by simply bouncing. Have a playful mindset to this springlike quality of movement. Feel your tissues absorb the ground forces and experience it’s elastic potential.

You can actually use a bouncing movement with many parts of the body- Beginning with your breath. Try bouncing your breath, with some quick inhales through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Next, try bouncing your arms as you walk you can simply balanced them instead of moving them forward them back.

You can also line your back, and come up to a bridge position, and bounce this bridge up an inch and down an inch.

You can also do this with n your side, in a “side plank position”, then up a little, down a little with your hips! Feels terrific!

These movements are enough to activate the bouncing/jumping part of the brain, loosen up some stiff muscles, and improve

So – Let’s JUMP!