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Managing Parkinson’s

“Managing Parkinson’s, ” a term often used by many organizations and companies targeting people with Parkinson’s.

I’ve come to realize that managing a disease is simply not possible. Disease, means disorder, disconnect, disarray, dysfunction- all of it chaotic. Chaos cannot be managed. It can either be obliterated or you succumb to it.

Imagine A street uprising, a revolt of some kind and the police merely tries to manage it… They don’t, they try to break it up and subdue it.

So you cannot do with disease either. You have to obliterated or succumb to it. If you had cancer for example, You will be offered chemotherapy which not only kills you cancer cells but healthy ones too. Yet it is an accepted, viable option for cancer.

No one tries to manage cancer cells, and neither should one. Because cancer cells do not progress linearly- There isn’t two, four, six, eight the next day rather it progresses chaotically to 61- 200 – 502,1000 etc.

We obliterate it. Shouldn’t we do the same with Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s simply cannot be managed. It is a sales pitch for anything from toilet seat armrest to estate planning. You cannot manage something that is chaotic – it’s impossible. Either get rid of it or succumb to it.

Fighting Parkinson’s and obliterating it, comes down to three simple steps. 1. Exercise- move, move, move…

2. Realize that you are stuck in a fight-or-flight pattern of thinking. Get rid of negative, stressful thinking patterns with meditation: Joe Dispenza, Dr. Lipton etc.

3. Provide your body with a healthy environment of nutrient rich foods and supplements if you have a depletion of a certain vitamin a mineral.