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Parkinson’s- the climate is changing

The first clear description of Parkinson’s disease was written in 1817 by James Parkinson, it was described as “shaking palsy”and a progressive neurological disorder of the brain that results from the loss of cells that produce dopamine.

Since then, research on neuro- transmitters has exploded, and we know so much more about the brain that we ever did. The first available drug for Parkinson’s was a simple carbidopa – levodopa time release capsule. It is a chemical produced pill that was found to affect this electrical condition. It is by far not worked in every case.

Even up until a few years ago research has focused on how to reduce the symptoms, but now with more sophisticated tools many companies have started to research 1. Early detection of Parkinson’s 2. Early treatment of Parkinson’s, to halt progression. Of course as with any disease or disorder the herbalist, holistic health practitioners are out in full force recommending herbs and spices treatments of all kind. While all natural treatments have their place in the well-being and health of a human being, none of them alone have showed a 100% success rate.

The latest newcomer on the block is stem cell therapy specifically targeted for certainty cells in the brain, where the dopamine receptors are located. This is by far the most promising treatment for, not only Parkinson’s, but many other diseases and injuries.