Boxing-Based Exercise

The unique set of skills required to be a boxer have proven effective at reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Our program is primarily group oriented classes, but individual sessions are also available. We have classes that include stretches, strength, coordination, focus skills and exercises for balance, core, gait and soft-voice disorders.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition is very important for  healthy body and brain function because what you eat circulates through your brain and can either help or hinder your physical strength and mood. At Punching for Life we provide expert speakers to  educate our clients on how to improve their diet. We give special focus to the common medication issues of constipation and vitamin/mineral depletion that occurs in Parkinson’s patients. Our one-on-one consultations are available to develop personalized diet programs as well.

Supportive Friendships

At Punching for Life our programs all focus on participants getting to know each other in a meaningful and productive way. We have walking groups, golf outings, and other events where we can safely distance and socialize.


New this year to the Encinitas area is the start of Pedaling for Parkinsons ™ classes at Studio Cybrid on Encinitas Blvd.
Pedaling for Parkinson’s is a unique spinning and cycling program designed to
provide cardiovascular fitness and stimulus for the brain in order to reduce
symptoms of Parkinson’s.

We are currently offering classes on a stationary bike, and will be forming small
groups for outdoor road cycling. These classes are suitable on a long-term basis and should be considered an

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