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We are in a daily battle, whether you want to admit it or not. There are many battles in our lives. However, when you get a Parkinson’s diagnosis, this battle becomes one of the biggest and most obvious in your life.

There are also many ways to face your battles. You can stand still, do nothing, cave in, or you can gather up your weapons and advance!

I am here to help you, encourage you to stand up and fight back. Don’t let your enemy gain more ground in your life and health. Take back what is yours. Your health, your joy, your peace, and prosperity.

Bathe your mind with positive messages, from YouTube, podcasts etc. Messages of strength, courage, how people have overcome challenges.Let those messages and stories soak into every fiber of your being.

Isn’t it time to say: “I won’t think thoughts of weakness, Old age, stiffness, slowness, sadness”!

“I won’t let negative words come out of my mouth… ” and if I couldn’t stop myself in time, I’m going to replace it with three positive words.

The thoughts and words that you have had up till now I would have created your life. If you don’t like what you have, you need to change your thoughts and words. It’s a gradual process, it takes time, and you have to test new decisions and thoughts against the results that you’re getting. But trust me it’s worth it!

It’s worth having a life full of joy, abundance, health and peace!