The benefits of walking well

Walking is as basic as movement. If we cannot walk we cannot get around and will need assisted living support. To lose your walking ability is to lose much of your life, but how do you walk?

Many people have never been taught to walk correctly. When we were children we watched our parents walk and imitated them. That’s how we learned to walk. But- Perhaps they did not walk well- Perhaps they had scoliosis or acute injuries, But we still imitated their walk…

When is it time to relearn how to walk? This time consciously, properly and with scientific knowledge.

Your walk is as unique to you as the rest of you, of course. However there are some immediate advantages to walk in correctly.

1. Your posture- when walking correctly your posture improves immediately!

2.Mental wellness- when you walk with good posture you get a feeling of strength and confidence.

So how do you walk correctly?

Here is a short version. Walk with your shoulders back, your chest out and your stomach in. Walking big steps, arms swinging, and your eyes forward.

When your eyes are forward, you make eye contact with people who pass by and show no fear. This is a special bonus tip for those who travel. It will reduce your chances of being a target for thieves and pickpocketed.

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