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The Harm Reduction Approach

While living on a permanent lockdown isn’t sustainable, many people are skeptical as to how much or how little to resume normal life. We have learned to live with social distancing, washing hands, facecoverings etc. to minimize risk of infection but we still need some more suggestions on how to move forward and do the things we need to do.

What follows is a short synopsis of scientists and public health experts advice as it was published in the New York times a few weeks back. The purpose is to give you some tools to make your own decision.

MANAGE OUR EXPOSURE – think of your higher risk/lower risk exposure like Weigh Watchers points. Choose what activities are important to you – a safely-

distanced exercise class may be a trade off to going out to eat.

TIME UNDER EXPOSURE – Ask yourself, if you are near an infected person, how long are you, how much time are you in contact? According to Lisey Marr, an aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech. It takes an extended time and in a poorly ventilated room to have substantial risk. Viral tracers look for people you have been more than 15 minutes in close contact with. Other enclosed activities without close contact, are considered safe, at one hour time periods, like getting a haircut or shopping.

KEEP TAKING PRECATIONS – There is no downside to being cautious, keeping your distance, limiting short range contact and washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your face or any mucous membrane of your body.