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Coach Nick Saban of the University of Alabama football team, known as the most dominant dynasty in the history of college football is known for leading his team to win by what he calls, THE PROCESS.

This same winning principle can be used to turn a Parkinson’s diagnosis into a healthy, vital and strong body! In the turmoil and chaos of mind and life that follows a Parkinson’s diagnosis, THE PROCESS provides you with a way.

THE PROCESS simply means that instead of only focusing on a desired end-result, you break it down into small pieces. Steps of what you need to do presently.

Disorder and distraction are enemies to pursuing the process forward to health.

“THE PROCESS is order, it keeps our perceptions in check and our actions in sync”. (The obstacle is the way, by Ryan Holiday)

In this book, he brings the example of being pinned to the ground. The first response may be to panic and to try to get them off of you. But that’s not THE PROCESS!

First, he writes is: Don’t Panic!!! Conserve your energy for thinking clearly about your situation. You don’t want to get chocked by acting without thinking. Second, you want to create some breathing room, perhaps by raising your arms. From there you can start to break down their hold on you, arm by arm leg by leg.

It may take some time but you’ll get yourself out. At each step, who or what, has you pinned to the ground, has to give up a little bit until there’s nothing left and you’re free!

“Being trapped is just a position, not a fate” and so is receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis. It is a position but it is not a fate. You get out of that by addressing and eliminating each part of the position through small deliberate actions.

It is often hard to imagine how are we going to get from here to there – from disease to deliverance, and perhaps we feel the real solution is too ambitious and outside of our grasp? How often do we assume that change is impossible because it’s too big – that it involves too many things and people, so we stay paralyzed by those ideas? Then perhaps start to chase them all and go nowhere. All the while distracting ourselves without making headway.

“ALL ISSUES ARE SOLVABLE”!!! All issues will collapse beneath THE PROCESS. Have we wrongly assumed that just because health and solution to our issues doesn’t happen all at once, we should give up?

THE PROCESS also requires responsibility and ownership. A stick-to-itness to living in the moment, doing the right things at the right time, without the worry of what might happen later, or even the results.

Finally, THE PROCESS requires you to believe in it 100%! Freedom from fear, health, and prosperity is only a result of you believing in yourself – that you’re taking the right steps, and have the right PROCESS. Anything less will result in certain failure.