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Three reasons you don’t get cured from Parkinson’s

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s? Is there a cure? What are the top three reasons you’re not cured yet?

1. No one told you that you can be cured.

This is the most common reason. Who have you asked? Did you even consider this a possibility? Before 1953 Olympics no one had broken the 4 minute mile. Sir Rober Bannister was interestingly enough a neurologist, who broke it, after  him, many started breaking the 4 minute mile. It just takes one Maverick!

2. Healing comes from within

If you do meet and hear wholistic health practitioners offer alternative healing strategies, they all consist of things to buy – supplements, lasers, gadgets of all kinds. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but it ignores them most important aspect of healing – YOU! Without inner health, there is no complete healing.

3. Indecision

Being double minded only frustrates you and gives you no good outcome whatsoever. Success in any endeavor comes to those who are SINGLE minded. Decide on a path and stick to it. If it doesn’t work, then stop and pick another path, but don’t dabble. Indecision will choke out any possibility of healing. Only determination and focus wins the game.