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Why boxing is so effective for Parkinson’s

Many people have experienced, or heard that boxing type exercises are effective to counter the stiffness that is a side effect of Parkinson’s disease. However, many people do not know why it works that way.

As a trainer with Rock Steady boxing for Parkinson’s for over four years now, I have observed some things that may help shed some light on the subject.

Boxing primarily uses arms, and using your arms helps you move better in general- walking, stepping, or getting up from a seated position. When you use your arms, you can change how you move and how you approach obstacles In daily life. While boxing, whether shadowboxing or against a bag, you also start to breathe better. Your body changes into a stronger, confident, and more fluid and flexible body.

Every day that you’re not getting stronger you are getting weaker, so choose strength and confidence! See you in class!